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Tips and Tricks to Win in South Park Phone Destroyer

South Park Phone Destroyer is now available for Android and IOS mobile devices and thanks to it we can dispute fun card games with all the humor of the brazen animated series that gives title to the game. If you are new to this type of games, it may take a while to start to win games and we want to help you overcome that obstacle. Therefore, we have created this guide with tips and tricks to win in South Park Phone Destroyer.

Tips to form a good mallet
Redeem Free Cards

South Park Phone Destroyer offers free card packs every once in a while. These packages can include very interesting and fundamental cards to form a winning mallet. We recommend you to be very attentive to the packs of cards free of South Park Phone Destroyer to redeem nothing more that are available and for this we recommend to activate the notifications of the application since so you will arrive a notice as soon as you have letters Free available.
Take advantage of the extra slot

Every time you win a battle in South Park Phone Destroyer, the game allows you to select three random slots from the 10 available with prizes. These slots can contain significant rewards for progress and there is the possibility of selecting an extra. To be able to take the extra slot you only have to see a small advertising video. Therefore, we recommend you to take advantage of the extra slot whenever the advertisement is available for viewing because after several consecutive uses, you have to spend four hours to be able to use it again. In addition, we recommend not to use if the rewards obtained are good as it is safest to touch a less attractive in the extra.

Improve the cards you like

At the beginning of South Park Phone Destroyer you will start with some basic cards and an acceptable amount of materials and coins with which to improve them. Instead of improving all the cards to have a more competitive first deck, we recommend that you improve only those that really caught your attention since these first letters are quite basic and not worth spending all the resources to improve them all . Most likely, most of them end up being discarded soon and therefore it is advisable to improve only those that you like.

Buy materials before letters

Although the first temptation you can have when you start playing South Park puts destroyer is to save to buy better cards, our recommendation is that you spend virtual money on materials. Buy materials and level your initial deck well, you can be more competitive and win more battles at first and then focus on getting better cards faster.

Reserve Premium coins for card packs

Similarly, you may be tempted to spend the premium coins quickly at first, but be patient. Reserve them and take advantage of them to buy packets of letters with them. Ideally, accumulate these coins at least until they are enough to buy the package of second level cards as well as you have more chances of getting good cards.

PvP Battle Tips
Have a balanced card game

Although it may seem obvious, it is advisable to have a balanced deck of cards to win in the PvP multiplayer of South Park Phone Destroyer. Try to have cards of all genres, including spells, even if they do not call characters on the board. If you focus only on having tank or killer characters, for example, you will lose other important faculties in the battle.

Know the cards that are countered

If you want to win battles, whether in the PvE or PvP, you need to know the cards that are countered well. For example, if you face to a tank, with slow motion, use a murderer and remote attacks. If you face a murderer, maybe owe find a letter that generates several characters, such as animals, so that the opponent is distracted while attack with other cards.

Use special skills

South Park Phone Destroyer features cards that have special abilities. Some of these cards activate their special abilities as soon as they reach the battlefield, but many of them need to spend time in it or even die to activate the skills. Make sure you understand how the skills of your cards work before you pull them out and remember which ones need a time to make sure you don’t forget to do it because your victory can depend on it.

Play the story first

The PvE Story Mode of South Park Phone Destroyer has some difficult missions that will force you to play multiplayer games. With the exception of these compulsory games, it is advisable to play as much as possible to the story before getting full in the PvP. The matchmaking of the title is somewhat unbalanced and you may join novice players with others who already have level 10 or 15. Therefore, we advise you to start the PvP mode once you are at least at level 5 and count on your updated charts.

Repeated past PvE battles

Each PvE mission in the history mode of South Park Phone Destroyer has 15 different difficulties. If you ever get stuck or it is impossible to continue winning in the multiplayer PvP, return to play some of the past PvE battles in a higher difficulty than you surpassed and so you will get rewards that help you improve your deck.

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These Are the Best Combinations of Cards in Clash Royale

We are already a few users who are addicted to the Clash Royale, and that is, game that launches Supercell, game that triumphs. As you know, it is a game that is pretty much based on strategy, and in which players have many available cards to combine. So there are many possibilities, both to attack and to defend.

So, after having taught you the cards you should never mix in Clash Royale, we will show you the first of several articles talking about a series of letters that complement each other perfectly, and that, surely, they will help you attack better.

These are the cards that best complement each other

Then we will show you the pairs of two cards that best complement each other. But eye, you must keep in mind that two cards are not going to win a game, these have to be well complemented with the rest of the mallet. We’re just going to give you some ideas to form part of your own combination, here we go!

Mini Peka and Skeleton army

This couple is a real blessing in the low arenas, as it is difficult to stop if you are a little experienced user, also, if you throw ground troops to defend them, these are entertained with the skeletons, and the Mini Peka will be able to kill the opponents that Stalk.

Also, when they reach the tower, the skeletons will attack in mass, and with the great power of the Mini Peka, it won’t take long for you to throw the tower. However you should be careful, as a horde of minions can end your attack in just one moment. So it wouldn’t be bad if you had a few arrows at hand.

Magician and Giant

This combination is one of the best you’ll be able to do in Clash Royale. Its operation is very simple, you throw the giant in front, and behind the magician, so that the latter is eliminating the rival defenses, which, possibly, will be weak and succumb to him. In this way, the opponent will have a lot of elixir to defend himself and, surely, you will throw the tower.

The best way to launch the magician is when the giant is crossing the bridge, and at a reasonable distance. In this way the opponent will not know your intentions until the end, and can not defend the magician first.

Miner and horde of minions

This is, par excellence, one of the least expected combinations sometimes by the rival. It consists of throwing the miner to a tower, but eye, to its sides or to the rear. Then we’ll launch the Minion Horde. What happens? Well, while the opponent worries about defending the miner – if he defends it – we will launch the Horde, which will come and eliminate the defense and do enough damage to the rival tower.

It can happen that the opponent defends with a magician, so we should not put the miner in the front of the tower, because if we put it there we run the risk of the magician damage our horde of minions. Yes, if the opponent has arrows, he can neutralize the minions without a problem.

Montapuercos and spirits of fire

This, like the previous one, is a very used combination. It is as simple as launching the Montapuercos, and a little later the spirits of fire so that if the opponent is thinking of defending with a horde of minions, an army of skeletons or a gang of elves, the spirits eliminate them without problems.

If using this your Montapuercos is at a high level, you will wreak havoc on the tower of your opponent who, surely, at first, will hesitate to defend, or let the tower eliminate the Montapuercos.

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Clash Royale Tricks and Strategies for the Barrel of Skeletons

Clash Royale offers during the special Halloween event the opportunity to get your new letter, the barrel of skeletons. We reveal some tricks and tips to overcome the challenge and make you with this unit.

As with other games, Clash Royale adds to Halloween with a special event. In this case it is a challenge of choice in which you can get the new letter, the barrel of skeletons. This unit is temporarily limited to those who exceed this event.

To be able to have a mallet with the Goblin barrel, you must first achieve nine wins at the Clash Royale Halloween event that ends next November 3 at 07:00 in the morning in peninsular Spain.

If you manage to win nine games within the challenge, you will get 100 letters from the barrel, plus 3,000 coins. Keep in mind that only the first participation is free.

Then we explain your main features and some tips to make it easier to win when you touch combat with this letter.

How many skeletons does the barrel have? What level?

To begin with, you have to clarify exactly what this letter is. It is a flying barrel that moves at a moderately slow speed. It’s not like the Goblin barrel, that you can throw to any area of the arena.

In this case you have to deploy it in your own field, and here is the interesting thing: the barrel of skeletons has three balloons that, when punctured by the opponent’s fault, fall to the ground. As it rushes to the sand it opens and lets out the eight skeletons that it keeps inside.

These are the statistics of this letter:

  • Life: 300 at Level 1 and 927 in 13
    Elixir Cost: Three
    Speed: Medium
    Objectives: Buildings
    Rarity: Common

Differences with other similar cards

To begin with, you have to differentiate the barrel of the skeleton Army. The first one, the new Clash Royale card for Halloween, has only eight units. Instead, the army has ten.

Which is better than both? It depends on your goal and strategy. For example, the skeleton Army is better to defend because its 10 units unfold instantly. Instead, the barrel has to be pricked by the opponent so that his eight skeletons come out to fight.

We have also mentioned that unlike the barrel of duentes, the skeletons progresses slower, which makes it much more vulnerable. It’s also more deadly when it finally comes into action, though it’s going to be tricky to take those eight skeletons up to the rival towers.

Tips and tricks to use the skeleton barrel

Let’s go now to the important thing: how to use the barrel of skeletons to win more games? It’s not easy, because even though it’s a flying letter, it’s not tank type or anything like that. It is a challenge at the strategic level so we have reduced to two our advice, the most successful from our point of view:

  • A good strategy can be to send the barrel along with a tank letter, like for example the giant. In this way, the enemies will focus on one or the other: either the giant reaches the end or the barrel arrives. In the best case, the enemy will prick the balloons and have a tank and eight skeletons.
    As a letter of support is not bad, as well as to play the dismissal. Another trick for the skeleton barrel would be to send him down the side you’re not going to attack. So you can concentrate your attention on an area of the board that you are not particularly interested in. Also not enough to throw arrows: You have to hit several times, to prick the three balloons and then to kill the eight skeletons.
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Honor Organizes its First Clash Royale Tournament

If we talk about sports, one of the most grown in recent years is without a doubt the eSports: championships or tournaments that are decided depending on our skill with a console. This format is also coming to mobiles, as it could not be otherwise. And it is that every time we spend more leisure time with our phone.

Games like Pokémon GO or Clash Royale have been a success and have created a huge community of users all over the world. It is probably for this reason that a company of the size of Honor has launched to organize the first tournament of Clash Royale. and eye because there are many prizes at stake.

First of all, you should know that any player can participate in this championship. There is no need for a minimum level or professional to be able to try luck. Yes, the championship is oriented only to players in Spain, so if you read us from any other part of the world you can not play.

Once registered, you to a previous phase that will be disputed on 17, 18, 19 and 20 November. If you manage to overcome this phase, you must go physically to the auditorium House of the reader in the space Matadero Madrid, as it will begin the final phase, which is face-to-face. In this event open to the public, the winner will be named best player of Clash Royale in Spain. Almost nothing.

If you get to this final stage, people of honor could reward you with one of their new honor 9, plus other prizes worth 10,000 euros. And if you go, if only as spectators, you can also leave with a gift home if you one of the amateur tournaments or the draws that will be held that day. Ah!, and also will be present Xheo, team Movistar riders, against which you can play a game.

For all those who can not move to Madrid, the people of ESL-who manages the contest-will be responsible for retransmitting on their channel of Twitch everything that happens in the final. Likewise, you can also follow the event through the Twitter account of Honor Spain and the hashtag #HonorCup.

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