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Today, there are more peoples who have mobile phones, than who don’t have it. Some people can’t imagine day without their little helper. Mobiles start to be a small computers, and you can have all what you have on computer, same to your mobile phones. Same story with games, a lot of games you can play on computer and on mobile phones. But some games are only for mobile phones and tablets. This game is one of them. So grab your mobile phone, find this game and install it. When you start to play this amazing game, you will see all amazing things what you can find in it. You have your king and your soldiers. Soldiers are different, and you choose which soldier you send to fight. You have gold and gems which you got when you win game, and you got enemies crowns. Your rating on the list of best players going higher or lower, depends on you are win game or lose. When you earn some gold and gems you open chest. In chest you can get cards, and with that cards you have better soldiers. More cards, better and strongest soldiers. But if you want to come faster for cards, you can use our Clash Royale Cheats, and with it you can easy earn cards. You just need to write how much gold and gems you want, and after that you can easy open chests and get some cool cards.

You have giants, knights, archers, goblins, bones, wizards and more other army, and only you choose when you send them to fight. Some games are hard, and you need good defense, so you can send archers and giants for defend your king. Or if you need to attack, send knights and giants, and behind them send bones with bombs to destroy enemies towers easier. There is only three minutes for game, and sometimes you don’t finish game in that three minutes, you need to destroy more towers and kill more soldiers for win. Some game you need to use extra weapons for win. In extra weapons, you have fire balls, extra towers, ballons and more other interesting things. You can watch best games online, to see how other people play this game. Or if you want to get better army quicker, you can come to us and get your Clash Royale Cheats.

Archers on towers are last line of defense before king. So if your soldiers fall down, you can send extra towers for defense, or you can believe in your archers and if you have cards for better archers you can defend your king easier. Arenas in this game are amazing. You can every day play another arena, and you can choose what kind of arena you want to play on that day. This game is so simple so you will need few days to learn how to be pro in this game, and how to remove crowns from enemy king and collect that crowns in your collection.

Hack Clash Royale

So, young commander, you have decided to become an amazing general and the best game master you can be by playing in the amazing world of  hack Clash Royale ? Yes, you have made the right choice with this game as it provides with the best of the three most popular genres in online gaming today. It has successfully combined the elements of a tower defense game, a collectible card game and an online battle arena game creating the perfect fantasy strategy game. For its achievements it has gained a huge popularity, a vast fan base and has gained numerous awards for it. You can call it the ultimate fun strategy game.

Create the best deck you can manage and rise on the rankings and level up to the maximum. How can you do this? Well, by beating as much opponents as you can in battle. To do that, let’s tell you how that works.

Each battle lasts three minutes. If the scores are tied and it is a draw you play overtime. To win a battle, you must destroy as much of your opponent’s Crown Towers as you can while not allowing him to do so. With each tower destroyed you get a Crown. To achieve the maximum three crown rating you will also need to destroy your opponent’s King’s Tower. If that tower falls, the other two towers will fall also. When you destroy your opponent’s King’s Tower, you automatically win the game.

Also, by winning the multiplayer battles you earn trophies, and they allow you to unlock arenas and reach higher leagues, giving you a chance to improve yourself better, to test yourself and to explore many options.

In hack Clash Royale you will have your own personal Battle deck. You create that deck yourself with the cards that are at your disposal before the battle begins.

You can have only up to eight cards in a deck, so be sure you use your slots wisely because you deploy your buildings, troops and spells from your cards.

Your troops have a target category and they engage their nearest enemy of such. To engage them, their enemies must be within their aggro range. If it doesn’t have any enemies in that range and they do not find a target they will automatically advance to the nearest enemy tower. You also have defensive buildings and they work similar as your troops do, however they can’t move and they do have a time limit.

The battle itself takes place within small maps with six buildings. Each player gets two Arena Towers and one King’s Tower. So, basically, like we said before, you win as long as you can destroy your opponent’s towers while successfully protecting your own ones. You can do all of that by tactically deploying your buildings, spells and troops from your deck.

So, test your tactical prowess, choose the cards for your deck carefully and anticipate your opponent’s moves in order to be successful and rise in the game’s ranking.

Clash Royale hack

Do you want to play a epic fantasy strategy card game that makes you feel like you’re in the game itself? Well then, feast your eyes on Clash Royale hack, the best up to date of its kind. Featuring mesmerizing and tremendous visuals, the revolutionary gameplay that makes you feel like you’re the general commanding the battlefield with your optimal level of strategic thinking.

It gives you an unlimited access to all of the elements from the collectible card games, multiplayer battle arena games and the tower defense ones and has kept on developing and perfecting itself since its release over a year ago.

A huge benefit of the game is that you can learn all of the basics in the shortest amount of time available, but, of course, you will need to spend more time with the finesse while you discover new possibilities and tactics while you develop yourself in the game as well.

When you first discover the game, you will notice that the game resembles a multiplayer battle arena game, with two lanes that stand between your base in the bottom of the screen and the opponent’s base at the top of the screen. The goal of a three minute game is the destruction of the opponent’s main tower. Now, you can do this with the activation of the battle cards which can be your soldiers or offensive and defensive magic spells.

Your summoned soldiers will automatically charge in regards to their given role.

The giants, per se, will have a huge hit point number but they will only attack towers and ignore the opponent’s forces. On the other hand, you have your knights, and they will always attack the enemy forces first.

To use a card in Clash Royale hack you will need an elixir, which is the primary resource for you to do this. Each card has its own elixir price, depending on the potency and your hand is constantly getting filled by cards from your deck.

Besides the battle arena type play, the game also resembles a real-time strategy game of course.

Being this is a multiplayer game, besides the tutorial where you play against bots, all of your other plays will occur against a human player. Winning the games makes your rank higher, and losing them makes it lower. You also get chests that last from a couple of seconds to many hours. You can enhance that by spending crystals which you can buy for real money. But the system of the game is not rigged for your opponents regarding that, because the game is made so that it doesn’t limit you and your play, but only limits a time frame required for getting new cards and upgrading them.

If you wish to play one of the best games of this kind today, than you need not look any further because this is the right game for you. It is made with esteemed quality and it really makes you feel like you are a part of the game.

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