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Month: October 2017

Clash Royale Receives Epic Quest Update

Good news for Clash Royale players! Supercell has announced that the great update October of Clash Royale is now available on mobile devices with interesting additions and new features. The highlight, without a doubt, is the inclusion of improvements in daily and weekly missions, which will allow us to win juicy rewards. As we do not want you to lose detail of all the contents included in the update of the epic missions of Clash Royale, then we leave a list with all that Supercell has added to the game on iOS devices and Android:


Daily and weekly missions with which we will be able to gain interesting rewards, including legendary and Supermagic coffers.

New modes

  • Inclusion of the new mode of Touchdown battles.
  • Possibility of winning more gold and gems by destroying the towers during the events Gold Rush and gem fever.
  • Now you can chat with your 2 ally and play a game of rematch.
  • In duplicate deck battles, both players have the same decks.
    Now there are challenges of all kinds. and unlocked at level 5!

Improvements, balance and new cards

  • Share and copy game decks.
    We’ve improved the store. Check out the daily offers!
    Get a free epic card at the store every Sunday!
    Private tournament gems are no longer refunded if players do not join or do not participate.
    Clash Royale’s novelties can now be viewed in full screen!
    We have developed a better system to present the new cards.
    With the presentation of the missions, we’ll eliminate the achievements in the next update.
    We’ve readjusted some letters

And up here all the contents of the new update of Clash Royale, which are not few. If you want to know more details about Clash Royale and discover some of the best tricks and tips of the Supercell game for IOS and Android devices, do not miss these contents with all you need to know about Touchdown mode, how to get the machine Flying in Clash Royale and how to get Supermagic chests.

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Honor Organizes its First Clash Royale Tournament

If we talk about sports, one of the most grown in recent years is without a doubt the eSports: championships or tournaments that are decided depending on our skill with a console. This format is also coming to mobiles, as it could not be otherwise. And it is that every time we spend more leisure time with our phone.

Games like Pokémon GO or Clash Royale have been a success and have created a huge community of users all over the world. It is probably for this reason that a company of the size of Honor has launched to organize the first tournament of Clash Royale. and eye because there are many prizes at stake.

First of all, you should know that any player can participate in this championship. There is no need for a minimum level or professional to be able to try luck. Yes, the championship is oriented only to players in Spain, so if you read us from any other part of the world you can not play.

Once registered, you to a previous phase that will be disputed on 17, 18, 19 and 20 November. If you manage to overcome this phase, you must go physically to the auditorium House of the reader in the space Matadero Madrid, as it will begin the final phase, which is face-to-face. In this event open to the public, the winner will be named best player of Clash Royale in Spain. Almost nothing.

If you get to this final stage, people of honor could reward you with one of their new honor 9, plus other prizes worth 10,000 euros. And if you go, if only as spectators, you can also leave with a gift home if you one of the amateur tournaments or the draws that will be held that day. Ah!, and also will be present Xheo, team Movistar riders, against which you can play a game.

For all those who can not move to Madrid, the people of ESL-who manages the contest-will be responsible for retransmitting on their channel of Twitch everything that happens in the final. Likewise, you can also follow the event through the Twitter account of Honor Spain and the hashtag #HonorCup.

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When will Brawl Stars be Available for Android?

Supercell is perhaps one of the most important Android gaming companies of the moment, mainly thanks to games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach or Hay Day. We can practically say that every game you take is a success, so today we will talk about your latest release: Brawl Stars.

Indeed, Supercell released this past month of June Brawl Stars, a beta game and is currently only available for iOS and those who “live” in Canada. To date, the first reviews are good: It looks like an entertaining and promising game. As a result, Android users are already looking forward to it.

Brawl Stars: All we know about the new Supercell game to date

Specifically, it has been the popular YouTuber TheAlvaro845 who has started this debate on when will come out Brawl Stars for Android, as we can see in the video below. Then, therefore, we summarize your content and give you our opinion to try to understand when this launch will happen.

First of all, the YouTuber remarks that it is a beta game, so that Brawl Stars may never be released in an official way. In fact, this has already happened with a previous supercell game called Spooky Pop, released in beta phase in 2014 and never saw the light.

Second, Álvaro follows the timeline of Supercell launches to try to predict what will happen to Brawl Stars. The results are as follows:

  • Hay Day: Released June 21, 2012 in iOS and then on 2013 on Android
  • Clash of Clans: Released on August 2, 2012 in IOS and then on October 7, 2013 on Android
  • Boom Beach: Launched on March 26, 2014 on iOS and Android at the same time.
  • Clash Royale: Released on January 4, 2016 in iOS and then in February of the same year in Android.

At first glance we can guess a pattern: Supercell launches the games before in IOS. This has an easy explanation: getting a game for IOS is much easier than in Android, for the simple fact that there are fewer devices where you try the game you are doubting if you take out.

We can also see that the time between Supercell takes out a game for IOS and then on Android decreases in time, except for Boom Beach that launched it on both operating systems at once. This is one of the reasons why there are already rumors about the launch of Brawl Stars circulating, as for example, that the game was going to be released on Android yesterday July 1.

In short, there are only two possible theories if Supercell finally decides to take the game forward: or will leave more or less a month and peak later than its release in IOS (as it happened with Clash Royale) or it will take many more months as it happened with Hay Day or Clash of Clan S. One thing is sure: no one part of themselves knows the exact date of the game launch, so any rumor you hear will be false.

When do you think the game for Android will be released? Do you like Brawl Stars for the moment?

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