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These Are the Cards You Should Never Mix in Clash Royale

No one can deny the great ability Supercell has to create and develop successful games on mobile platforms. And is that, game that they launch, game that most of us just downloaded and installed on our smartphone.

Already happened with Clash of clans and with Boom Beach, and both were a success that has been copied in many occasions by other developers, but, the success that has clash Royale seems much more obvious.

And, as it is a game that can completely end with your nerves, from now on we will be teaching you a series of tricks and tips. Today, specifically, we will tell you which are the cards you should never mix in Clash Royale.
These are the cards you should never put together in the same deck of Clash Royale

If you’ve played Clash Royale, I’m sure you know: It’s a game where the strategy is vital. And this strategy doesn’t start when it comes to playing, it starts at the very moment you make your mallet.

You can configure this freely, but the best way you can do it is with cards that are compensated, so that you have a balanced mallet. Therefore, you should never put together a series of letters that we will explain to you next.

Tanks that cost a lot of elixir

Many players make the big mistake of assembling in the same deck several “tanks” – as are called the characters with many points of life – in the same mallet. These letters usually cost a lot of elixir, which makes it more time to release another card, and therefore we will not be able to carry out a good attack.

Moreover, these letters are often only able to attack structures, and they cannot be defended against the cards that the opponent takes to defend themselves. Therefore, in a deck with several tanks that cost a lot of elixir, we will be doomed to failure. The ideal is to have only one of this type, or two at most. You can even play without any.

Letters that do not attack the air troops

As you know, in Clash Royale there are air charts and ground cards, and, there are some land cards that are not able to attack the air charts. Well, it’s imperative that you have in your deck cards capable of attacking aerial targets.

This has a simple explanation, and that is, if you are attacked with air cards, you will not be able to defend yourself. Therefore, it is very important that you do not combine only cards with ground targets in your deck. This danger increases if the opponent has a Lava hound, because if you do not have several cards to defend, you can give up.

Weak troops

Other cards that you must be very careful when combining are the weak cards. And is that, when you put a few cards of this type in your deck, you run the risk that a stump or a rival Mage end with all the elixir you just spent in a second.

Therefore, it is best to combine the weak troops with a tank, like the Noble giant, so that as the enemy troops attack this, your weak troops attack the tower. It is a very used strategy and that usually surprises the opponent, because on many occasions they are not important to the weak troops that attack you.

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How to Get Many Coins in Clash Royale

For many this is the big question where the gold of the sand chests is not enough, you can also get gold in Clash Royale by donating letters, but there are other methods that are entirely legal and fun.

There are pages that are dedicated to congregate different players to dispute different tournaments of Clash Royale where the prize is nothing more and nothing less than free gold for Clash Royale and experience.

There are two types of payment currencies in Clash Royale. The first is the gems, which are basically the premium currency of the supercell title. They are very scarce, and we are used to automatically open the coffers that have earrings, buy larger coffers, or change them for gold coins. The second payment is the gold, and it helps us to improve our cards and buy new letters in the section of the store.

We have two ways to get gold: opening coffers or donating letters. The first of the ways to get gold is reduced to wait until the time is complete to open the chest, having to spend by spending gems if we want to accelerate it. The second way to get it is rather more attractive, and it is to donate letters to our clan mates. Let’s look at the benefits of donating troops.

How to get free gold for Clash Royale participating in tournaments

The website “Arenagg” is a site where different players of the most popular games of the moment gather to participate in different tournaments that decide who is the best in their discipline, games like League of Legends, Warcrat, Overwatch and Clash Royale.

There are 3 categories to earn coins within the page, leagues, tournaments and duels, these coins can be changed by gift cards on Amazon or Google Play with which you can buy free gems in Clash Royale and then buy all the gold you want in clash Royale.

Each common type card that we donate to our classmates will give us some experience and 5 gold coins, while donating rare letters will give us 50 gold coins. Once we have a good card base and we get into a clan, we can make a total of 60 donations a day, which translates into 300 gold coins a day, and 2,100 gold coins a week, assuming we just donate common letters.

Donating letters to classmates may not seem attractive a priori, but if we consider that by donating common letters each day we can acquire an epic letter a week in the store, the outlook changes a lot. At first it is much better to save the gold to improve our cards, but as we move in the game we will see that it is much more interesting to spend the coins in epic letters to have a much better deck.

How to participate in Arenagg tournaments

When registering on your website you must fill in the data of your user of Clash Royale providing ID of the account and a capture to confirm it, once ready you can participate in the different daily events that are carried out in the game.

Every day are played Clash Royale tournaments which leave great prizes to the first in the ranking of the best players Clash Royale, on the other hand also have your disposition the leagues that keep your call free where you can participate every time you want.

Just look for a game and from the page, you will find an opponent and should be added to Facebook while the fight lasts to be able to play against each other in Clash Royale when synchronizing with Facebook, at the end must send the results.

A new game option for Clash Royale where you can win many prizes and test your skills within the arena.

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How to Get Many Free Coins at Clash Royale This Weekend

Clash Royale players see the weekend with other eyes when there is an interesting challenge. Just over a month ago, they returned to the top of the 2 challenges, with which we can fight side by side with a partner to beat two others. The last was the challenge of choice 2, which allowed access to the new chartered cannon with wheels, available for all from August 6th.

And it is that the jewel of the crown of Supercell can presume to be in constant evolution. The news arrives very often, and that is something that users appreciate with their fidelity. What comes this weekend is really greedy: The Triple Elixir challenge with which we can get a lot of gold coins. Yes, you’ve read well. Triple Elixir and a lot of gold!

What is the Triple Elixir challenge?

As its name indicates, in this mode of play we have three times more elixir. The best thing is that it does not work as in conventional battles, in which we have double elixir only for the last 60 seconds. In this challenge we have the triple since the start of the game.

This translates into madness, an incessant swing of letters. Because we say goodbye to the worry of having to be saving elixir to launch our troops. It is the perfect opportunity to test a mallet with those cards that we love, regardless of the cost of elixir.

At the moment it is a game mode that Supercell is testing through events like this weekend. As with the others, it is unlocked from level 8. It is expected that in the future (hopefully not too far away) ends up being a fixed modality, as is happening with the 2v2.

How to earn many free coins

This weekend you can get gold at Clash Royale. Because the Triple Elixir Challenge awards are very, very succulent. The unique rewards go according to the number of wins. But there is also a safe prize, just for participating in this event. So, even if you do not win you will take 700 coins and 10 cards, which is not bad.

If you achieve 2 wins, the prize is 3,000 coins. From the 5 victories, the reward is 6,000. But the thing gets more interesting after 8 wins, because you get 12,000 coins. This award is doubled after 10 victories, which becomes 24,000. Finally, the Fat Man comes out with the 12 victories, which are translated into 48,000 coins.

From getting to the top of this triple Elixir challenge, there is also a first prize of 11,000 coins and 550 cards. If we make a count of the total, adding this prize plus the Safe Prize for participating, plus all the coins won after 12 wins, the eyes will make you chiribitas. Nothing more and nothing less than 104,700 gold coins and 560 letters. Very sweet, isn’t it?

Choose a winning mallet to make you gold

Of course, although in the Triple Elixir challenge we don’t have to be so steeped in card spending, it doesn’t mean that we can beat without choosing a good mallet. So stand up to think about what cards you can get more victories and therefore have more chances to fill in gold and cards your Clash Royale account.

Being a Tower defense-type game, it is essential to know how to maintain a balance between attack and defense. That depends on choosing the right time to deploy the troops, as well as picking eight cards that combine well on the battlefield.

To understand how important it is to know how to use each one, we invite you to try the most absurd combos with which we challenge you to win in Clash Royale. If, Clash Royale opens up a wide range of possibilities. Supercell strives to make it a title with news that arrives very often. For something is among the best mobile card games.

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Clash Royale – Gems, Gold Chests and How to Level Up Fast

Clash Royale is a spinoff of the popular online mobile game Clash of Clans. We give you some tips and tricks to win more battles and go up level faster, accumulating gold chests and other prizes that will make you the best in every arena.

The gaming is fashionable, but with news regarding other eras. Today the mobile is probably in number the most popular platform in the world, and in them especially triumph online games. All of them stand out especially two: Clash of Clans and their spinoff clash Royale cards.

The second is the one that interests us in this tutorial, and is that Clash Royale is a very complex mobile online strategy game. You need to be patient, clear ideas and also some tips for getting on level faster, than at the end of the deal.

As you overcome sands and win more chests, gold or other, you face formidable opponents who have more powerful cards and almost indestructible towers. That’s why a brief Clash Royale guide summarizes some tips to get the most out of the game: accumulate the best cards, gems and coins of all kinds.

No doubt the growing popularity of Clash of Clans is a money-making machine for the studio that develops it. Being a game premium tremendously addictive, the temptation to buy coins, gems and coffers is strong, hence their applications are always in the Top 10 of the most profitable for Android and IOS, regardless of the number of players. It seems that the companies have finally given the key to monetize success in smartphones.

Infinite games in Clash Royale and the dangers of tricks

To start this Clash Royale tutorial, a helpful tip: refrain from cheating and resorting to tricks or hacks that promise infinite gems. It is easy to find websites that claim to have the key to generate both this type of currency as gold and cash.

Work or not, it is clear and proven that supercell is going to realize the deception. If you turn to hacks on online games at the end always get caught, and is that when you connect to the server, it detects a mismatch between your database and the values that your character or Avatar says to have. It is impossible for a web developed by third parties to change the information that the game database saves on you.

If you resort to tricks to have unlimited gems in Clash Royale you will be banned, temporary or definitively. In short, the threat of expulsion is real and there are already thousands who have been deprived of their access to the game. Don’t hurry to be next.

Entering into matter, surely you do not need a guide to know that there are two types of currency: gems, which you can buy with real money, and gold coins, which serve to improve cards and buy new ones. If you are a user of Android, there is a small secret to be able to buy premium items without spending a euro: use applications like Google Opinion Rewards, with which you can easily earn money by responding to questionnaires from the mobile.

The first of these currencies is the most valuable, which serves to be able to buy better premium items and reinforce the fight in the arena. However, unless you pass by box they are the hardest to get, something that contrasts with the relative simplicity to achieve gold.

How to get free gold at Clash Royale

Just like the gems, you can go straight to the game store and buy gold. With your Google Play credit will serve if you do not want to use Paypal or bank card. However, we have a series of legal tricks so you can get easy gold in Clash Royale, yes, in a limited way.

The first way is to open chests. Obviously the firm that has created the game has also made a maze for players to squeeze and not have it easy. To open chests first you have to win battles, and for that first you want gold. Once you have said chest, you also want to open it immediately, and for that you need gems. It is the endless circle of premium games, designed to limit the options unless you use money and cash.

The way to bridge a bit this vicious circle has also been put there by supercell, and is that getting gold depends on how generous you are. If you donate letters to other players in your own clan you will have gold coins for each of them. Precisely one of the advantages of joining a clan is that you receive 100 coins in the act just to become part of it.

Do not go crazy them, and is that this trick is not the panacea but has its limitations. First of all, you must be part of a clan, and in the second, the reward depends on the type of letters and troops that you give to your teammates.

There are common letters and special letters. The first of them give 5 gold coins and 1 point of experience when donating them, while the second ones grant 50 of gold and 10 of experience. What’s the limit? It depends on the sand you’re in.

Arena 1: A common letter and a special
Arena 2: Two common cards and a special
Arena 3: Three common cards and a special
Arena 4: Four common cards and one special
Arena 5: Five common cards and a special
Arena 6: Six common cards and a special
Arena 7: Seven common cards and a special
Arena 8: Eight common cards and a special
Arena 9: Nine common cards and a special

Golden Chests, magic and other: cycles

The coffers are a central element in Clash Royale. There are gold and other types, and they are essential. They depend on your chances of getting gems, coins and other resources, that is, your offensive and defensive ability to win battles and overcome arenas.

Each player has four holes for the chest, a more annoying limitation than what might be expected, as these containers have a timer that marks when you can open it. It is not possible to access the stored objects in the interior just get them, but you must wait a certain number of hours. You can also spend gems to unlock it, although it is not really necessary.

The type of chest you get when you win a battle depends on a cycle, it’s not random. You can predict more or less effective if it will be silver, gold, magic or giant, the four that are repeated. The order is more or less random, although in each cycle of Clash Royale there must be a supermagic chest, epic or legendary every 500 of them. You may have luck and you touch the first, although there really is no guide or tutorial that can predict it, nor simulator. There are many users who say they know when the most valuable will fall, but in reality supercell changes the order every few years.

Obviously, the order in which the chests come out is hardly predictable. Know what one of the four mentioned is going to touch you, and the more rare it is less likely to get two in a row. For example, it is impossible for you to obtain two consecutive giant chests; It’s even hard to make it two gold. Surely you should be conforming with several silver before you get a gold one.

Of the common, the best: the Golden Chests

Ignoring the silver ones, the gold ones are the most common ones. They’re not the best thing that can touch you after winning a fight, but they guarantee you at least a rare card, at least. In addition, it also includes a variable number of gold, which is increasing depending on the arena in which you are playing.

How to move up the fast level in Clash Royale: Tips

Having fun playing on the phone to this kind of games can be a trap. You always want more, be more powerful and have better cards. It is the story of never ending as you go up level you meet with more powerful players, so you need again better cards, more gold and more chests.

In Clash Royale, climbing up the fastest level requires some cold blood. You should not be in a hurry because you can end up wasting your gold and gems in improving cards that will not serve you in higher levels. You need a clear strategy, such as saving all your premium resources to improve better cards when you are on a high level and sand, unclogging complicated situations in which it is more difficult to overcome your opponents.
Don’t waste your resources

The first levels are passed quickly, so you don’t need to better your deck or buy items in the store. Wait for the time needed to be able to open the chests without investing gems in it, because you will probably need them later.

The same goes for gold, a valuable resource that will help you much more as you level up in the game. Be intelligent and you will go far; Waste your gold and gems and later you must wait all the time in the world to be able to have more powerful cards.

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Tips and Tricks to Win in South Park Phone Destroyer

South Park Phone Destroyer is now available for Android and IOS mobile devices and thanks to it we can dispute fun card games with all the humor of the brazen animated series that gives title to the game. If you are new to this type of games, it may take a while to start to win games and we want to help you overcome that obstacle. Therefore, we have created this guide with tips and tricks to win in South Park Phone Destroyer.

Tips to form a good mallet
Redeem Free Cards

South Park Phone Destroyer offers free card packs every once in a while. These packages can include very interesting and fundamental cards to form a winning mallet. We recommend you to be very attentive to the packs of cards free of South Park Phone Destroyer to redeem nothing more that are available and for this we recommend to activate the notifications of the application since so you will arrive a notice as soon as you have letters Free available.
Take advantage of the extra slot

Every time you win a battle in South Park Phone Destroyer, the game allows you to select three random slots from the 10 available with prizes. These slots can contain significant rewards for progress and there is the possibility of selecting an extra. To be able to take the extra slot you only have to see a small advertising video. Therefore, we recommend you to take advantage of the extra slot whenever the advertisement is available for viewing because after several consecutive uses, you have to spend four hours to be able to use it again. In addition, we recommend not to use if the rewards obtained are good as it is safest to touch a less attractive in the extra.

Improve the cards you like

At the beginning of South Park Phone Destroyer you will start with some basic cards and an acceptable amount of materials and coins with which to improve them. Instead of improving all the cards to have a more competitive first deck, we recommend that you improve only those that really caught your attention since these first letters are quite basic and not worth spending all the resources to improve them all . Most likely, most of them end up being discarded soon and therefore it is advisable to improve only those that you like.

Buy materials before letters

Although the first temptation you can have when you start playing South Park puts destroyer is to save to buy better cards, our recommendation is that you spend virtual money on materials. Buy materials and level your initial deck well, you can be more competitive and win more battles at first and then focus on getting better cards faster.

Reserve Premium coins for card packs

Similarly, you may be tempted to spend the premium coins quickly at first, but be patient. Reserve them and take advantage of them to buy packets of letters with them. Ideally, accumulate these coins at least until they are enough to buy the package of second level cards as well as you have more chances of getting good cards.

PvP Battle Tips
Have a balanced card game

Although it may seem obvious, it is advisable to have a balanced deck of cards to win in the PvP multiplayer of South Park Phone Destroyer. Try to have cards of all genres, including spells, even if they do not call characters on the board. If you focus only on having tank or killer characters, for example, you will lose other important faculties in the battle.

Know the cards that are countered

If you want to win battles, whether in the PvE or PvP, you need to know the cards that are countered well. For example, if you face to a tank, with slow motion, use a murderer and remote attacks. If you face a murderer, maybe owe find a letter that generates several characters, such as animals, so that the opponent is distracted while attack with other cards.

Use special skills

South Park Phone Destroyer features cards that have special abilities. Some of these cards activate their special abilities as soon as they reach the battlefield, but many of them need to spend time in it or even die to activate the skills. Make sure you understand how the skills of your cards work before you pull them out and remember which ones need a time to make sure you don’t forget to do it because your victory can depend on it.

Play the story first

The PvE Story Mode of South Park Phone Destroyer has some difficult missions that will force you to play multiplayer games. With the exception of these compulsory games, it is advisable to play as much as possible to the story before getting full in the PvP. The matchmaking of the title is somewhat unbalanced and you may join novice players with others who already have level 10 or 15. Therefore, we advise you to start the PvP mode once you are at least at level 5 and count on your updated charts.

Repeated past PvE battles

Each PvE mission in the history mode of South Park Phone Destroyer has 15 different difficulties. If you ever get stuck or it is impossible to continue winning in the multiplayer PvP, return to play some of the past PvE battles in a higher difficulty than you surpassed and so you will get rewards that help you improve your deck.

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These Are the Best Combinations of Cards in Clash Royale

We are already a few users who are addicted to the Clash Royale, and that is, game that launches Supercell, game that triumphs. As you know, it is a game that is pretty much based on strategy, and in which players have many available cards to combine. So there are many possibilities, both to attack and to defend.

So, after having taught you the cards you should never mix in Clash Royale, we will show you the first of several articles talking about a series of letters that complement each other perfectly, and that, surely, they will help you attack better.

These are the cards that best complement each other

Then we will show you the pairs of two cards that best complement each other. But eye, you must keep in mind that two cards are not going to win a game, these have to be well complemented with the rest of the mallet. We’re just going to give you some ideas to form part of your own combination, here we go!

Mini Peka and Skeleton army

This couple is a real blessing in the low arenas, as it is difficult to stop if you are a little experienced user, also, if you throw ground troops to defend them, these are entertained with the skeletons, and the Mini Peka will be able to kill the opponents that Stalk.

Also, when they reach the tower, the skeletons will attack in mass, and with the great power of the Mini Peka, it won’t take long for you to throw the tower. However you should be careful, as a horde of minions can end your attack in just one moment. So it wouldn’t be bad if you had a few arrows at hand.

Magician and Giant

This combination is one of the best you’ll be able to do in Clash Royale. Its operation is very simple, you throw the giant in front, and behind the magician, so that the latter is eliminating the rival defenses, which, possibly, will be weak and succumb to him. In this way, the opponent will have a lot of elixir to defend himself and, surely, you will throw the tower.

The best way to launch the magician is when the giant is crossing the bridge, and at a reasonable distance. In this way the opponent will not know your intentions until the end, and can not defend the magician first.

Miner and horde of minions

This is, par excellence, one of the least expected combinations sometimes by the rival. It consists of throwing the miner to a tower, but eye, to its sides or to the rear. Then we’ll launch the Minion Horde. What happens? Well, while the opponent worries about defending the miner – if he defends it – we will launch the Horde, which will come and eliminate the defense and do enough damage to the rival tower.

It can happen that the opponent defends with a magician, so we should not put the miner in the front of the tower, because if we put it there we run the risk of the magician damage our horde of minions. Yes, if the opponent has arrows, he can neutralize the minions without a problem.

Montapuercos and spirits of fire

This, like the previous one, is a very used combination. It is as simple as launching the Montapuercos, and a little later the spirits of fire so that if the opponent is thinking of defending with a horde of minions, an army of skeletons or a gang of elves, the spirits eliminate them without problems.

If using this your Montapuercos is at a high level, you will wreak havoc on the tower of your opponent who, surely, at first, will hesitate to defend, or let the tower eliminate the Montapuercos.

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Clash Royale Tricks and Strategies for the Barrel of Skeletons

Clash Royale offers during the special Halloween event the opportunity to get your new letter, the barrel of skeletons. We reveal some tricks and tips to overcome the challenge and make you with this unit.

As with other games, Clash Royale adds to Halloween with a special event. In this case it is a challenge of choice in which you can get the new letter, the barrel of skeletons. This unit is temporarily limited to those who exceed this event.

To be able to have a mallet with the Goblin barrel, you must first achieve nine wins at the Clash Royale Halloween event that ends next November 3 at 07:00 in the morning in peninsular Spain.

If you manage to win nine games within the challenge, you will get 100 letters from the barrel, plus 3,000 coins. Keep in mind that only the first participation is free.

Then we explain your main features and some tips to make it easier to win when you touch combat with this letter.

How many skeletons does the barrel have? What level?

To begin with, you have to clarify exactly what this letter is. It is a flying barrel that moves at a moderately slow speed. It’s not like the Goblin barrel, that you can throw to any area of the arena.

In this case you have to deploy it in your own field, and here is the interesting thing: the barrel of skeletons has three balloons that, when punctured by the opponent’s fault, fall to the ground. As it rushes to the sand it opens and lets out the eight skeletons that it keeps inside.

These are the statistics of this letter:

  • Life: 300 at Level 1 and 927 in 13
    Elixir Cost: Three
    Speed: Medium
    Objectives: Buildings
    Rarity: Common

Differences with other similar cards

To begin with, you have to differentiate the barrel of the skeleton Army. The first one, the new Clash Royale card for Halloween, has only eight units. Instead, the army has ten.

Which is better than both? It depends on your goal and strategy. For example, the skeleton Army is better to defend because its 10 units unfold instantly. Instead, the barrel has to be pricked by the opponent so that his eight skeletons come out to fight.

We have also mentioned that unlike the barrel of duentes, the skeletons progresses slower, which makes it much more vulnerable. It’s also more deadly when it finally comes into action, though it’s going to be tricky to take those eight skeletons up to the rival towers.

Tips and tricks to use the skeleton barrel

Let’s go now to the important thing: how to use the barrel of skeletons to win more games? It’s not easy, because even though it’s a flying letter, it’s not tank type or anything like that. It is a challenge at the strategic level so we have reduced to two our advice, the most successful from our point of view:

  • A good strategy can be to send the barrel along with a tank letter, like for example the giant. In this way, the enemies will focus on one or the other: either the giant reaches the end or the barrel arrives. In the best case, the enemy will prick the balloons and have a tank and eight skeletons.
    As a letter of support is not bad, as well as to play the dismissal. Another trick for the skeleton barrel would be to send him down the side you’re not going to attack. So you can concentrate your attention on an area of the board that you are not particularly interested in. Also not enough to throw arrows: You have to hit several times, to prick the three balloons and then to kill the eight skeletons.
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Clash Royale Receives Epic Quest Update

Good news for Clash Royale players! Supercell has announced that the great update October of Clash Royale is now available on mobile devices with interesting additions and new features. The highlight, without a doubt, is the inclusion of improvements in daily and weekly missions, which will allow us to win juicy rewards. As we do not want you to lose detail of all the contents included in the update of the epic missions of Clash Royale, then we leave a list with all that Supercell has added to the game on iOS devices and Android:


Daily and weekly missions with which we will be able to gain interesting rewards, including legendary and Supermagic coffers.

New modes

  • Inclusion of the new mode of Touchdown battles.
  • Possibility of winning more gold and gems by destroying the towers during the events Gold Rush and gem fever.
  • Now you can chat with your 2 ally and play a game of rematch.
  • In duplicate deck battles, both players have the same decks.
    Now there are challenges of all kinds. and unlocked at level 5!

Improvements, balance and new cards

  • Share and copy game decks.
    We’ve improved the store. Check out the daily offers!
    Get a free epic card at the store every Sunday!
    Private tournament gems are no longer refunded if players do not join or do not participate.
    Clash Royale’s novelties can now be viewed in full screen!
    We have developed a better system to present the new cards.
    With the presentation of the missions, we’ll eliminate the achievements in the next update.
    We’ve readjusted some letters

And up here all the contents of the new update of Clash Royale, which are not few. If you want to know more details about Clash Royale and discover some of the best tricks and tips of the Supercell game for IOS and Android devices, do not miss these contents with all you need to know about Touchdown mode, how to get the machine Flying in Clash Royale and how to get Supermagic chests.

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Honor Organizes its First Clash Royale Tournament

If we talk about sports, one of the most grown in recent years is without a doubt the eSports: championships or tournaments that are decided depending on our skill with a console. This format is also coming to mobiles, as it could not be otherwise. And it is that every time we spend more leisure time with our phone.

Games like Pokémon GO or Clash Royale have been a success and have created a huge community of users all over the world. It is probably for this reason that a company of the size of Honor has launched to organize the first tournament of Clash Royale. and eye because there are many prizes at stake.

First of all, you should know that any player can participate in this championship. There is no need for a minimum level or professional to be able to try luck. Yes, the championship is oriented only to players in Spain, so if you read us from any other part of the world you can not play.

Once registered, you to a previous phase that will be disputed on 17, 18, 19 and 20 November. If you manage to overcome this phase, you must go physically to the auditorium House of the reader in the space Matadero Madrid, as it will begin the final phase, which is face-to-face. In this event open to the public, the winner will be named best player of Clash Royale in Spain. Almost nothing.

If you get to this final stage, people of honor could reward you with one of their new honor 9, plus other prizes worth 10,000 euros. And if you go, if only as spectators, you can also leave with a gift home if you one of the amateur tournaments or the draws that will be held that day. Ah!, and also will be present Xheo, team Movistar riders, against which you can play a game.

For all those who can not move to Madrid, the people of ESL-who manages the contest-will be responsible for retransmitting on their channel of Twitch everything that happens in the final. Likewise, you can also follow the event through the Twitter account of Honor Spain and the hashtag #HonorCup.

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When will Brawl Stars be Available for Android?

Supercell is perhaps one of the most important Android gaming companies of the moment, mainly thanks to games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach or Hay Day. We can practically say that every game you take is a success, so today we will talk about your latest release: Brawl Stars.

Indeed, Supercell released this past month of June Brawl Stars, a beta game and is currently only available for iOS and those who “live” in Canada. To date, the first reviews are good: It looks like an entertaining and promising game. As a result, Android users are already looking forward to it.

Brawl Stars: All we know about the new Supercell game to date

Specifically, it has been the popular YouTuber TheAlvaro845 who has started this debate on when will come out Brawl Stars for Android, as we can see in the video below. Then, therefore, we summarize your content and give you our opinion to try to understand when this launch will happen.

First of all, the YouTuber remarks that it is a beta game, so that Brawl Stars may never be released in an official way. In fact, this has already happened with a previous supercell game called Spooky Pop, released in beta phase in 2014 and never saw the light.

Second, Álvaro follows the timeline of Supercell launches to try to predict what will happen to Brawl Stars. The results are as follows:

  • Hay Day: Released June 21, 2012 in iOS and then on 2013 on Android
  • Clash of Clans: Released on August 2, 2012 in IOS and then on October 7, 2013 on Android
  • Boom Beach: Launched on March 26, 2014 on iOS and Android at the same time.
  • Clash Royale: Released on January 4, 2016 in iOS and then in February of the same year in Android.

At first glance we can guess a pattern: Supercell launches the games before in IOS. This has an easy explanation: getting a game for IOS is much easier than in Android, for the simple fact that there are fewer devices where you try the game you are doubting if you take out.

We can also see that the time between Supercell takes out a game for IOS and then on Android decreases in time, except for Boom Beach that launched it on both operating systems at once. This is one of the reasons why there are already rumors about the launch of Brawl Stars circulating, as for example, that the game was going to be released on Android yesterday July 1.

In short, there are only two possible theories if Supercell finally decides to take the game forward: or will leave more or less a month and peak later than its release in IOS (as it happened with Clash Royale) or it will take many more months as it happened with Hay Day or Clash of Clan S. One thing is sure: no one part of themselves knows the exact date of the game launch, so any rumor you hear will be false.

When do you think the game for Android will be released? Do you like Brawl Stars for the moment?

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